Who we do it for

New Zealand Key Clients

  • Environment Canterbury – on going contract since 1998. Services include planting, release spraying, pruning, thinning & mountain bike track maintenance. Scope is approx 150,000 seedlings planted & 200ha of thinning/pruning per year.
  • PF Olsen/ Selwyn Plantation Board – since 1999. Services include planting, release spraying, pruning & thinning. Scope is approx 300,000 seedlings planted & 450ha of thinning/pruning per year.
  • Mc Vicar Timber Group -1996-2010. Services included forest establishment & silvicultural operations of 100ha of forest per year. Forests now sold for carbon forestry.
  • Nelson Forests Ltd – on going contract since 2000. Services include planting, pruning, thinning & fire fighting. Scope is approx 300,000 seedlings planted & 500ha of thinning per year
  • Christchurch City Council – since 1999. Services include native regeneration planting, mulching, hand releasing of approx 40,000 seedlings per year.
  • Te Wharau Investments – since 1992. Services include planting, pruning, thinning and woodlot track maintenance of approx 140ha.
  • Fulton Hogan – 2011 – Establishment of approx 45,000 native plantings around runway extension at Queenstown Airport.
  • Selwyn District Council – since 1996. Current project- native planting, protection & maintenance of approx 18,000 seedlings around waste water treatment plant in Rolleston.
  • Other clients include investment groups, farmers, private forest owners who’s forests we have been tending since their establishment.

Australian Key Clients

  • Elders Forestry, Nth Queensland- since 2008. Pruning of approx 1400ha & thinning of approx 300ha per year. Species include E. pellita, teak & red mahogany.
  • FEA – 2007. Planting & fertilising of approx 400,000 E. dunns/spotted seedlings.
  • Great Southern – 2006-2007. Pruning of approx 900ha of Acacia mangium.

 References are available from the above clients.