What we do

New Zealand

Forest Establishment and Silvicultural Operations

  • Planting of seedlings of all species for commercial forests, carbon forests, farm woodlots etc.
  • Pre, post or non chemical release spraying.
  • Pruning and thinning.
  • Farm forestry & small woodlot maintenance.
  • Shelterbelt & Protection planting.
  • Pre plant preparation (co-ordinate subcontractors).
  • Seedling supply – co-ordinate seedling supply from quality nurseries.
  • Other - fertiliser application, foliage sampling & testing, forest data collection. 


  • Road & highway plantings.
  • Native regeneration, conservation and amenity plantings.
  • Shelterbelt & Protection plantings such as waterways, dairy farms, erosion control.
  • Site preparation – ripping, pre plant spraying.
  • Maintenance – hand or chemical releasing, mulching, staking, rabbit protection.


We have been operating in Australia since 2006 specialising in pruning and thinning of hardwood species throughout Nth Territory, Queensland & New South Wales. Species to date include Red Mahogany, Teak, Acacia and Eucalyptus.

  • Ground pruning
  • Ladder pruning
  • Form pruning and singling
  • Chainsaw thinning
  • Hack & squirt thinning